Beans & Corn

One of the things we really appreciate about homeschooling is being able to prepare and eat good food. No cafeteria meals or squished sandwiches to dampen the mood! In our family, at least, eating proper healthy meals and snacks is a priority, because eating well makes such a tremendous difference to overall health. Ancient Chinese philosophers described food as being equivalent to medicine; and ancient Indian philosophers claimed that when you eat good food, there is no need for medicine! The quality of your food can literally make or break a day of academic effort.

We take food to heart in our homeschool, and are always on the lookout for delicious, healthy recipes! Today’s featured meal is . . . beans and corn! Really easy. Really quick. And Really Good For The Whole Family! (serves three adults)

The beans (and cheese) provide protein. The corn bits (and tomatoes/olives/lime juice) add sweetness and vitamins. Hot sauce (if you like it) is good for the digestion. Black pepper lowers blood pressure. This meal is also high in fibre and low in fat. If you want to think of it in a Canadian way, look away from the inevitable first association with Mexican food, and consider instead the Iroquois nations of Canada, who cultivated and ate both beans and corn for thousands of years. Some still do. In fact, beans, corn and squash were staple foods the Iroquois called the ‘three sisters’. Yum!

Beans & Corn

I can black beans

2 medium cans corn

Optional garnishes (mix and match):

cheddar cheese, grated

sliced black olives

1 or 2 diced fresh tomatoes

fresh ground chilis/Sambal Oelek/some sort of hot sauce

freshly-squeezed lime juice

freshly ground pepper


For a cold version, drain and wash the beans, drain the corn, and empty contents into a large bowl. Stir to mix. Spoon equal portions into bowls and garnish with whatever you want. For hot version, drain and wash the beans, drain the corn, and empty contents into a pot. Heat on medium for about 7 minutes (until warm – if it starts to bubble, it tends to start tasting like popcorn!) and serve. Garnish with whatever you like. Voilà! You’ve served a healthy meal!

Learn more about Native American Cooking!

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