Middle Grades: Sherlock Holmes – Literature & Composition – Grammar

Sherlock Holmes Reading Comprehension

Who better to show the usefulness of a well-asked question – and the importance of a clear and concise answer – than Sherlock Holmes?

Here are four of the original, beloved Sherlock Holmes stories in reading comprehension format! Students in upper elementary grades will benefit from reading high-quality literature, improving their vocabulary, and mastering the skill of answering questions in a polished style. Every story has been divided into ten sections, which are each followed by a ‘looking up close’ page that explores one theme relevant to that section (with pictures!).



Literature & Composition

These themed collections are suitable for students who are ready to read various types literature in small quantities. For example, instead of an entire novel or scholarly work, a small sample of each (which can stand on its own) will be presented. This way, the intermediate student has an opportunity to stretch their reading abilities without being discouraged. Some texts are less challenging than others, and many different types of writing are represented.

The writing assignments vary in length and are intended to inspire the student to try writing in different forms and styles.



There’s nothing like a bit of humour to lighten the load of learning grammar! Our books contain cheerful instructions, examples, assignments and exercises (as well as full answer keys) to help you to learn or teach advanced English grammar topics (such as clauses, gerunds, and participles). Some titles are available in either black & white or colour formats. No need for dismal examples and dull lessons – students can use these books to enjoy improving their knowledge of the English language!

To preview or purchase a title, please visit Currclick here, or TES here. Thank you!


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