Crafts & Colouring

We’ve put together a few crafts and colouring books, because knitting, making cardboard mosaics, and other activities that require deft fingers are excellent tools for developing a student’s fine motor skills. They are also enjoyable activities for adults!

The benefits of taking time to do work with your hands are many – it can help you do a better job of playing a musical instrument, to write neatly, to give better attention to detail, to use patience, and to be able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Here you will find advanced colouring collections (Flowers, Persian Rugs, Old Maps and Woodland Foliage), a Learn-to-Lnit lesson plan, three collections of do-it-yourself Mosaics that use common household cardboard (Hearts, Autumn Leaves and Snowflakes), and other goodies – such as a set of colour-your-own Art Nouveau Planner Pages!

To preview or purchase a title, please visit Currclick here, or TES here. Thank you!


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