Early Grades: Reading & Writing


We have published a few of our favourite, unique texts for young people in full reading comprehension format. From beloved Doctor Dolittle stories (by H. Lofting) to lesser-known gems like Flowers of the Farm (by A. O. Cooke), The Adventures of Sajo and Her Beaver People (by Grey Owl) and A Penny A Day (by W. De la Mare), these pieces of writing, of different lengths and levels of difficulty, are all suitable for learners in the earlier elementary grades.



Some say it is becoming a lost art, but we believe that with daily practise and the right frame of mind, there is nothing to prevent anyone from developing a perfectly acceptable handwriting style! Simple Drawing exercises can help a student to improve their ability to observe details, and help develop fine motor skills – leading to steady improvements in their penmanship.


To preview or purchase a title, please visit Currclick here, or TES here. Thank you!


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