Higher Grades: Literature – Shakespeare – Essay Writing – ‘Think About History’


We look for inspiring and thoughtful literature when preparing titles for older readers, and put appreciation and interpretation at the heart of each unique reading comprehension course. Write letters to a ‘Dear Aunt’ to tell the latest news in Pride & Prejudice (by Jane Austen) . . . express your thoughts in a free style about the many poignant themes in The Education of Little Tree (by F. Carter) . . . and more!


Methinks I’ll Read Shakespeare!

Art thou ready to read Shakespeare? But of course! Here you will finde assignments, definitions, explanations, and other sundry ‘stuff’ which will make reading each play a zephyr – that is, a breeze! This approach focuses on seeing the big picture, with only the most interesting of extra information included for thine own interest. Read the words of the beloved Bard aloud! Write some of your own! Explore important themes  . . . interpret some elements of the play . . . examine the text one more time, looking for details ‘divine and rare’ . . . memorize a few lines . . . and hark! It is done!

Included in each title are the following: the complete play; seven separate sections each containing assignments and information; a Biography, and detailed Summaries of Acts and Scenes.

These lessons are well-suited to homeschoolers who do not anticipate putting on a play or doing other activities that involve collaboration with numerous people. They are especially aimed at students who are not yet familiar with Shakespeare’s plays, and who will benefit from a light-hearted but meaningful approach to reading them.


Essay Writing

Each essay-writing title contains one or more texts related to a specific theme, and detailed instructions for writing an essay on one of several suggested topics. ‘Survival and Rescue’ takes the reader to the wilds of Australia and the frigid Arctic through two true, first-hand accounts of adventure. ‘Iron Bridge-Building’ explores the detailed process of producing iron for bridges at the end of the 19th century, via a true account of the process in a renowned American factory. Other titles include ‘India: Timeless Topics’ ‘Wit & Humour’, ‘Space Travel: Two Short Stories’ and ‘A Winter Walk (by Thoreau)’.


‘Think About History’

These books contain unique and stimulating samples of historical writing. Learn about history (the facts) while taking time to learn about how history is written (the interpretation). Each one will give a student a unique introduction to the topic adressed – whether you’re taking a look a world history through the eyes of H.G. Wells, or examing Canadian History with a renowned Canadian author.

To preview or purchase a title, please visit Currclick here, or TES here. Thank you!


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